Corporate e-mail

The essence of service:

Virus and “spam” protection". Multistage filtration system, self-learning, graphic spam recognition, antivirus. We use the most advanced and successful technologies. But we never think the sky is limit! We go on searching/testing/implementing different technologies against spam. The spam, which still makes its way through our complex, is thoroughly studied, and then measures for its sequent blocking are taken.

Our servers support all mail protocols up-to-date for the moment:

  • Access to e-mail via Web-interface (supporting Russian, Latvian, English). Calendar, task manager.
  • POP3, IMAP4

Every customer gets a possibility to administer its inboxes, answer systems, aliases and domains. You can create you e-mail accounts yourself, change passwords and make other actions.

The possibility of use of SMTP server (supporting SSL) of SIA Astrons for sending e-mails. Then you should not worry that the mail server of your provider does not deliver e-mails for some reason.

* - not more than 5Gb (soft limit).