Affiliate programs

Earn on our hosting! Get up to 35% monthly from the sum of every rate plan chosen by the customer You brought to us. We pay interest from all customer’s payments or remunerate directly for the brought customer).

Affiliate’s level grows together with the increase of the number of the attracted websites. The affiliate’s remuneration from the attraction of each new customer grows together with the level:

Level 1 (3 to 10 customers) - 20%
Level 2 (10 to 20 customers) – 27.5%
Level 3 (more than 20 customers) - 35%

The remuneration starts to (?) once a quarter, or achieving the amount of 25Ls.
Paying to physical bodies, 18% + 20% are deducted from the sum.

The participation in our affiliate programs is free of charge and open for everybody – you do not loose anything.