About us

Do You remember how it started…

In a far far year 2000 we set as a goal to locate our website in Internet. We have chosen a hosting company and concluded a contract with it. As far as our website was establishing we started to face different kinds of problems (related to hosting). The hosting company did not react to our requests to clarify or improve something. At all.

At a particular moment we decided that we can de the same work not worse. A huge layer of technical documentation was raised, equipment purchased, specialists employed and corresponding contracts with Internet-providers concluded. It took about a year to establish our system, and when everything was ready, we hosted our website and e-mail already in our system. The result exceeded all our expectations. Stable, fast, qualitative. Looking at the excellent work of our firm’s server, our partners and acquaintances started to host their websites and e-mail on our server. That was the beginning.

Much water had flown under the bridges ever since. New solutions, new equipment, new systems were implemented in the course of time. But our goal was and is invariable – „High quality of services” is our priority No.1.

What is hosting from SIA Astrons today:

  • Quality assurance
  • Advanced equipment
  • Backup and fault tolerance where it is possible
  • Competent support
  • Quick solution of all issues
  • Discount systems and charge-free hosting