About Hosting

Classical hosting

Classical hosting includes:

  • Domain registration (if necessary)
  • Domain support
  • Hosting of Website(s)
  • Visit statistics of website(s)
  • E-mail
  • Consultations concerning domain, hosting, e-mail

Servers: Intel Server System (www.intel.com)

We use Intel servers

Network equipment: Cisco (www.cisco.com)

We use Cisco network equipment

Uninterruptible power supplies: APC (www.apc.com)

We use APC power protection

KVM solutions: Belkin (www.belkin.com)

We use Belkin KVM solutions

RAID controllers: 3Ware (www.3ware.com)

We use 3Ware raid controllers

All equipment is under the permanent control of a professional monitoring system, with the help of which we know about a problem before it emerges, not after. We guarantee that Your information will be available to everybody and always (authorized access).

At the moment the server equipment is located on 2 sites:

  • SIA Interneta Pasaule (www.ipasaule.lv) – Brivibas 214m ( 100Mbit/s Latvia and 74Mbit/s world )
  • SIA Interneta Pasaule (www.ipasuale.lv) - Kr. Barona 26/28 ( 100Mbit/s Latvia and 74Mbit/s world )

Our hosting servers are located at this locations

Main sites are server sites of one of the largest Internet-providers in Latvia – SIA Interneta Pasaule(www.ipasaule.lv).

The operating system FreeBSD (www.freebsd.org) (Unix) is installed on servers, which proved its reliability, and all main internet services are based on it for over 25 years. (www.wiki.org/unix)

We use FreeBSD. (www.freebsd.org)

FreeBSD hosting

The last (stable) server software versions are installed on our servers, Netcraft info

At the moment these are:

Apache 1.3.42 (www.apache.org)
Nginx 0.6.29 & 0.7.62 (http://sysoev.ru/nginx/)
PHP 4.4.9 & 5.3.3 (www.php.net)
MySQL 4.0.27 & MySQL 4.1.25 & MySQL 5.0.67 (www.mysql.com)
Perl 5.8.9 (www.perl.org)

Apache hosting PHP hosting MySQL hosting PostgreSQL hosting

Software is permanently updated, that is why you will never face the problem of obsolete versions, not supporting the functions you need. Conversely – with us you will always be able to do more!

Reliability. We guarantee 99.5% fail-free operation of all the system.

Information awareness. For each website hosted on our server there is a visit statistics.